Welcome to The Online Millionaire Project

Welcome to the Online Millionaire Project. I’m guessing you’re here because like me you’re already trying to become a successful online entrepreneur or you believe you have what it takes to become an online millionaire! Well if either of those statements is true then this is definitely one of the many website you should and will be visiting on your way to achieving your goal.

Hi, my name is Nigel and short time ago I had been stuck in the same job for way too long… basically working to pay bills and becoming more and more disenchanted with life, but all the time knowing I had the potential to be more…

Knowing I have so much more to give, so much more to learn, knowing I can be so much better than I am now! Knowing I  have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, and if that success is measured by monetary value then yes, I Know I Can Become an Online Millionaire!

OMG I’m ranting, but this is my passion, this is how I feel every day, this is what is bottled up inside me every minute of every day… I want to shout it from the rooftops! (Sound Familiar?)

So if I knew all this, why didn’t I do something about it sooner?

The truth was fear! I had so many fears, OMG there were so many… like having to pay the mortgage, my kids need a home right! They also need clothes, shoes, feeding, and a bit later on when they are almost adults they’ll need an education too…… am I right?

I also need a car for work, I have to pay for “essentials” like satellite TV (cable), evenings out, the latest tablets & smartphones, redecorating the bathroom…and on and on…, just kidding on these being “essentials” (tell that to the wife & kids), but you get the picture!

Then there was my family, they simply didn’t understand, they thought my ideas were pure fantasy, they thought I’d got a head full of rocks, they laughed, they actually laughed. That hurt the most!

My friend were not much better, although they were not so brutal, but they went to great lengths to tell me how “unsuccessful” new business ventures are or how “nobody makes money on the internet except Amazon & Ebay” (their words).

So for many years, I did what I thought was expected, NOT what I wanted.
The thought of following my dream was too painful, I was afraid!

I was afraid for a long time. A very long time to be exact! (my kids have finished their education now!)

Then a combination of things happened. Firstly, I had recently started running again and had been listening to Tony Robbins whilst on the go. Then the company I’d spent most of my adult life working for decided it needed to downsize and whilst I had not been made redundant yet, my position in my own office had become uncertain.

It was then I realised I needed to take action to secure my future and turn this situation into an opportunity – Thanks Tony! I very quickly made a conscious decision to change my outlook. I decided I would take control of my own future and, come what may, I would follow my lifelong passion. Excuse the cliche, but that one simple decision changed me forever.

Welcome to the Online Millionaire ProjectThus my future as an online entrepreneur began, and after spending a few weeks establishing my goals and developing a business plan, I decided that I would document the process in the hope of inspiring others to take action and follow their dreams too.

Whilst I’m sure you’ve already noticed I’ll not be winning the Pulitzer prize for literature any time soon, what I do hope is my frank and honest experiences will build into a useful online resource of entrepreneurial knowledge and information.

Before I finish I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom…

“Perfection is the enemy of good enough, and “good enough” has made more millionaires than “perfect” ever has.
There will never be the “perfect time” to start so just get on with it!”
-Tim Bourquin

Have Fun and Love What You Do,


  1. Great website, really interesting. Making a start has been the hardest part for me, as a student I have to juggle work and starting my online business. It’s going really well, now its time to scale it up!The problem being you have to have money to make money (although I started with only £50). Ill be keeping my eyes on this website 🙂

    • Hi Will, sounds like your over the first big hurdle which is actually making a start, but don’t let the idea that you need lots of capital to upscale your business stop you from continuing, there is actually a lot you can do without actually spending lots of cash.

      Without knowing what stage your business is at I obviously can’t comment, but if your business is successful enough to move onto the next stage then realistically your business capital should be in-line with this (or at least most of the way). If you are a long way off then consider whether upscaling is realistic right now. You need to be brutally honest with yourself here!


      If on the other hand your business is entering the next phase, you should definitely seek ‘professional’ business advice and consider talking to investors or a business angel.

      Good Luck Will.

  2. Great post. I am thoroughly enjoying your site, great content and writing.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your kind words, the site is still in the very early stages (week 5), so it’s nice to have some positive feedback.

  3. I’m in exactly the same position. And totally agree, it is fear holding me back.

    • Sophia, I know the feeling well, but I also know that you are probably a lot braver then you give yourself credit for. I found that just making a start helped me a lot. Just doing one thing, no matter how small will make a difference. Once you’ve done 2, 3 then 4 things you’ll see your fear and anxiety will diminish a little (hopefully a lot!).

      Don’t give up Sophia, you can do it if you just make the decision to start and do one thing!
      Try to have fun and enjoy what you do.
      I wish you all the best

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