The Top 100 Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Business Life

The Top 100 Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Business Life

As a teenager my dad would tell me…

Learn Something New Every Day!
Read Books, Read Newspapers,
Read Everything You Can”

Thankfully I did, and the habit has stuck with me ever since, even today some 35 years later I still try to spend an hour a day reading something.

Since I started this project at the beginning of February 2014, I’ve learned that in order to succeed online you need to remain focused, take small steps (with small wins), and continually develop your craft.

Thankfully the internet and entrepreneur blogs have made the learning process so much easier, a quick search on Google and I can usually find exactly what I’m looking for, day or night and from wherever I may be at the time, simply using my smartphone or tablet.

As I began to read the more popular entrepreneur blogs and websites I began to compile a list of my favourites, one of which is the fantastic, which is written by Tom Ewer, here in the UK.  Anyway Tom had similarly compiled a list of his top 100 blogs and when I compared it to my own list, I found most of mine were on his, plus a few more. So I have merged it with my own to create The Online Millionaire Top 100 Blogs – A handpicked list of some of the Best Entrepreneurial Blogs the Internet has to offer.

Individually each blog on the list has something of value for the online entrepreneur. Collectively the list has become an online reference library of sorts, that can be dipped into whenever you simply want something interesting to read, or as a more focus reference when you’re looking for a specific topic of interest. 

The Top 100 Entrepreneur Blogs

1 Leaving Work Behind Leaving Work Behind
2 ProBlogger Blogging
3 Copyblogger Marketing
4 Social Media Examiner Social Media
5 Daily Blog Tips Blogging
6 Seth Godin Marketing
7 Four Hour Work Week Blog Lifestyle Design
8 Zen Habits Personal Development
9 Freelance Switch Freelancing
10 Smart Passive Income Internet Marketing
11 Quicksprout Internet Marketing
12 Get Rich Slowly Personal Finance
13 Entrepreneur’s Journey Internet Marketing
14 Shoe Money Internet Marketing
15 Chris Brogan Social Media
16 Occam’s Razor SEO
17 Mixergy Entrepreneurship
18 Famous Bloggers Blogging
19 Viperchill Internet Marketing
20 Income Diary Internet Marketing
21 Duct Tape Marketing Internet Marketing
22 ManageWP Blogging
23 Traffic Generation CafeŽ Marketing
24 KISSMetrics Internet Marketing
25 SEOmoz Blog SEO
26 Brian Gardner Internet Marketing
27 Young Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship
28 Think Traffic Marketing
29 Dumb Little Man Productivity
30 The Art of Non-Conformity Leaving Work Behind
31 Kikolani Social Media
32 Social Triggers Marketing
33 Buffer Blog Social Media
34 Derek Sivers Entrepreneurship
35 Young Pre Pro Freelance Writing
36 Smart Blog on Social Media Social Media
37 PotPieGirl Internet Marketing
38 Niche Pursuits Niche Sites
39 Social @ Blogging Tracker Social Media
40 Steve Scott Site Affiliate Marketing
41 IM Impact Internet Marketing
42 Danny Brown Social Media
43 Dan Zarrella Social Media
44 The Sales Lion Marketing
45 Firepole Marketing Marketing
46 Man vs. Debt Personal Finance
47 Social Media
48 White Hot Truth Leaving Work Behind
49 AdSense Flippers Niche Sites
50 Write To Done Freelance Writing
51 Make Money On The Internet Internet Marketing
52 Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life Personal Development
53 Rise To The Top Entrepreneurship
54 Men With Pens Marketing
55 My Wife Quit Her Job Entrepreneurship
56 Retire @ 21 Entrepreneurship
57 Jonathan Fields Entrepreneurship
58 Illuminated Mind Leaving Work Behind
59 StrayBlogger Internet Marketing
60 Live Your Legend Leaving Work Behind
61 ConversionXL Marketing
62 Success Works SEO
63 Escape From Cubicle Nation Leaving Work Behind
64 Pushing Social Social Media
65 Bill Hartzer SEO / Social Media
66 Location 180 Leaving Work Behind
67 Eventual Millionaire Entrepreneurship
68 Inbound Pro Internet Marketing
69 The Bad Blogger Blogging
70 Passive Panda Internet Marketing
71 Prolific Living Leaving Work Behind
72 Unmarketing Marketing
73 Tropical MBA Internet Marketing
74 Online Income Star Internet Marketing
75 The Suitcase Entrepreneur Leaving Work Behind
76 Sparring Mind Marketing
77 Jeff Korhan Internet Marketing
78 Reviews ‘n’ Tips Blogging
79 Life & Times of an Internet Marketer Internet Marketing
80 The Traveling Writer Social Media
81 Blog Marketing Academy Blogging
82 Virtual Assistant Live Entrepreneurship
83 Build A Little Biz Entrepreneurship
84 Motivational Memo Personal Development
85 Blogpreneurs Blogging
86 Internet Business Mastery Online Entrepreneurship
87 The One Question Personal Development
88 Justice Wordlaw IV Affiliate Marketing
89 Content Marketing Strategy Marketing
90 Ruth Zive Copywriting Marketing
91 Foolish Adventure Internet Marketing
92 Create As Folk Entrepreneurship
93 Grad Meets World Leaving Work Behind
94 The Boomerang Kid Leaving Work Behind
95 My 4-Hour Workweek Internet Marketing
96 Lifestyle Ignition Entrepreneurship
97 Life Stoked Personal Development
98 Blog to Business Blogging
99 Love Work Now Leaving Work Behind
100 Rocker Life Coach Entrepreneurship

What Now?

Simple – start reading and enjoy what you learn! I wouldn’t recommend that you try to read them all in one go – the blogs aren’t going anywhere, so take your time!

I do however recommend you bookmark this one page and come back to it whenever you want to find out more on a specific topic, you’ll save hours of searching google for the best info.

If you feel that a blog has been missed off the list, or if you feel your blog/website has something of benefit to offer our readers and would like it listed here please contact me, I would love to know…

Finally, I would be truly grateful if you would take a moment to share this with your friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter It’ll only take 2 seconds!  just click the button below… 

photo by: Celestine Chua


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    I look forward to seeing your readers Rock their online business.

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