Establish Trust and Increase Ebay Sales Using Listing Templates

One of the key ways to establish trust in your customers and increase sales is to project a professional image. Without a doubt the best way to achieve this is by using an Ebay listing template. Whether you are creating your own templates from scratch using html or purchasing from one of the many sellers on Ebay/Web there are several things to consider.

Probably the single most important element in a listing is the product images. Make sure your template design displays these prominently and at a minimum of 350×350 pixels. There are several theories on the location in the listing,  eg.  top/bottom,  left/right,  before or after the description etc and plenty of scientific research to back up each,  but my personal preference is at the top of the listing, alongside the description.
Why?…  because it’s the first thing the customer sees and hopefully if the image is good it will generate the right emotions for buying eg.  desire, need, affirmation etc. (more on this in a later article). The second reason, is almost every seller on ebay with feedback in the hundreds of thousands bracket uses this layout preference,  so I’m confident it’s effective!

Keep it concise, use only enough information to describe the product and it’s benefits,  use of bullet points is an effective way of reducing the waffle. Ideally the description should be located either alongside or directly below the main product image(s).

Terms & Other Info
First question most people ask is whether to include this info in the listing or on a separate page such as the about me page? My advice,  add it to your listing template after the description,  that way customers stay in the ‘selling zone’ and don’t click away and loose interest.

So what do you include?… At the very least you should state your accepted payment methods,  delivery/shipping info & returns policy. These forms part of your core business terms and can save countless unecessary questions & disputes. Including a little info about you or the company is also an added bonus and helps generate trust, but keep it brief,  they don’t want your life story,  just enough to give them confident in you.

Buying A Template
Prices for templates vary enormously, from a few pound for a simple non-exclusive one to several hundred pounds for fully customised bespoke design. If price is an issue (and it should be!),  by far the cheapest place to buy is on Ebay US

photo by: OnInnovation

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